Sometimes, the pieces just fit together.  This lens for the price it retails for is simply incredible.  In fact, it's remarkable.  For your hard earned money, you get a premium feeling (built from metal) weather resistant, incredibly fast focusing lens in a lightweight and compact package.  You'll find an aperture ring, which is solid and has in between clicks to help guide you through the range and a nicely dampened focusing ring.

The Images are sharp, have a lovely contrast to them and overall there's a nice tonality to everything.  Everything you would not expect from a lens in this price category.

The only negative is that the metal lens hood which is lovely and just adds a nice finishing look to the lens and camera, is not provided with the lens but costs a grossly overpriced £50 here in the UK.  Fuji do provide a plastic lens hood with the lens which does the job but let's just say it's not going to win any beauty contests.  Anywhere.  Ever.