Well, what is there to say about this tiny piece of metal except that it does the job very well.  Lensmate are, in the scope of things, a very small set up.   As I understand it, it's run effectively by 2 or 3 people. The size of company vs the quality of product ratio is off the charts.  Yes we are still talking about a metal thumbgrip.  This sucker is perfectly machined by metal artisans in the USA and the fit and finish of the product is so good that you would be mistaken for thinking this was an official Fuji product.  It has some rubber grip in two places which helps the connection to the camera and the other, acts as a bumper so your precious X-Pro2 doesn't get scratched.  There is also a hinge, so that you can bend the grip back to access your dials.

At the time of writing it's only available from the USA.  Fortunately, they offered international shipping, which was not astronomically priced, arrived very promptly and packaged very neatly. There were no import fees which was a very welcome gesture.  

I have an appreciation for quality designed and manufactured products where it's obvious there has been some thought about the customer's needs/expectations and some good QC put into the mix. Lensmate, i'm glad to say, are one of those companies that have this philosophy in mind.